Doctoral studies leading to a PhD in Education at The University of Manchester

The working title of my thesis is Using a Complexity Perspective to Investigate English Language Teaching in Greece. My research is supervised by Juup Stelma, Julian Edge (to September 2011) and Susan Brown (from October 2011 onwards). 

My studies included assessed coursework in research methods, as follows:
  • EDUC56021 Data Generation Qualitative Methods (Grade A) 
  • EDUC56031 Introduction to Quantitative Methods (Grade A)
  • EDUC60542 Quantitative Methods and Analysis (Grade A)
  • EDUC60562 Qualitative Data Analysis (Grade A)
  • EDUC60011 Critical Reading and Writing (Grade A) 
  • EDUC60500 Planning of Research (Grade A)
I expect that I will submit my thesis for examination by the end of 2012.

MA Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages at The University of Manchester
Taught components:
  • EDUC30420 Psychology of Language Learning (Grade A) 
  • EDUC69670 Approaches, Methods and Techniques in Language Teaching (Grade A) 
  • EDUC70180 Course Design for Language Teachers (Grade A) 
  • EDUC30380 Assessment in Language Learning (Grade A) 
  • EDUC70130 The Education of Language Teachers (Grade B) 
  • EDUC70100 Developing Researcher Competence (Grade A) 
Dynamics impacting ELT learning materials in the Greek context: A complexity perspective (Grade A)
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Ptycheion in English Language and Literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

A ptycheion is four-year academic qualification roughly equivalent to a BA, which also doubles as a teaching qualification. During my studies in Athens I majored in Language and Linguistics, attaining a grade of 7.64 out of 10 (roughly 2:1 by British standards).