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People I work with

  • Mariam Attia: Researcher in the fields of educational technology and multilingual research. 
  • Stavroula Bibila: Currently completing a Research Methods programme at the University of Exeter in preparation for doctoral studies.
  • Paul B. Breen: EAP lecturer, Educational Technologist, and PhD candidate in the field of teacher education and technology.
  • Magdalena De Stefani: PhD candidate, researcher and teacher educator based in Montevideo (Uruguay).
  • Julian Edge: Senior Lecturer in Education, University of Manchester (United Kingdom).
  • Richard Fay: Lecturer in Education (specialising in TESOL, intercultural communication and research education) and aspiring ethnomusicologist.
  • Lou Harvey: PhD researcher in language learning motivation. 
  • Eljee Javier: PhD researcher exploring the status and identity of visible ethnic minorities who are native English speaking teachers in a narrative based study.
  • Konstantinos Petsios: Associate professor in History of Philosophy, University of Ioannina (Greece).
  • Magda Rostron
  • Juup Stelma: Lecturer in TESOL, School of Education, University of Manchester (United Kingdom).
  • Fotis Vasileiou: Historian focussing on Later Antiquity, and blogger par excellence.